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Mastering the Art of Styling Earrings

Think about a time you have scrolled through your social media without seeing a fashion influencer layered in jewelry? Chances are they are covered in necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings stacked to create a more dynamic look. The runway, social media influencers, and celebs have all made styling jewelry a necessity when it comes to putting together an outfit. In this blog post we are going to go how to style my favorite kind of jewelry—gold earrings.

While there is no “formula” or right way to wear your earrings, an ear stack is a fun and easy way to add style to any outfit. All of the earrings we feature are affordable, hypoallergenic, and available for purchase here. This post is meant to inspire you to let your creativity juices flow the next time you get dressed.  

I’ve put together 4 different looks to make your earring styling dreams come true.

Stack #1:


gold earrings



gold earrings


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Stack #2:


Zoie Hoops Gold



Zoie Hoops Gold


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Hayden Gold



Hayden Gold


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ear stack



ear stacks


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Generally, when I put together my ear stack I like to play around with sizes and shapes and alternate them to make the look a little more interesting. But I cannot stress this enough—have fun with this! You truly cannot make a mistake and whatever you end up with will be a unique representation of you.

A few tips when styling your ear:

  1. No two ears are the same. Take a look at the natural curvature of your ear to decide which earrings will fit best where.
  1. The placement of the earrings will ultimately depend on which piercings you have. Search which piercings will give you the look you’re going for.
  1. I am partial to gold tone jewelry, but silver is a definitely favorited by many and may be more flattering depending on your complexion. I’ve found warm undertones tend to look better in gold jewelry.
  1. The possibilities for ear stacks are endless! Once you have a solid collection of earrings you can mix and match them depending on your mood.

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I hope this post gave you some inspiration to have fun styling your earrings. Please tag us on ig @myraave to show us what stacks you come up with!

xoxo Britt